In the second half of the nineteen century in Nigeria effort was made by the Roman catholic church rived missionary. The mission was led by Father Bouche and Brother martinez of the society of African missions. (S.A.M.), in 1868 the first mission was founded in Lagos Nigeria. A large number of the returnees Catholics ex-slave from Brazil and buy doxycycline, buy zithromax. Cuba who formed the nucleus of the Catholic community founded their self to Lagos. This generation expended to yorubaland opened a mission at Abeokuta in 1880. Rev. father marrie who work as a medical missionary led the mission from 1890 to 1933. the first place in eastern Nigeria that the catholic missionary activities take place was in Onitsha. Although Onitsha was visited by Holy Ghost father from cialis in erboristeria. Fernando po in 1865, the generation of the Catholic mission in Onitsha began with the arrival of Father Lutz on December 5, 1885 in that year, father Lutz opened a station on a land donated by the Obi of Onitsha. In 1890 in Aguleri and in 1888 the Christian mission spread to Nkwelle. The first Catholic Bishop of eastern Nigeria under father Joseph Shanahan the Catholic mission spread to all the parts of Iboland, Ibibioland and Ogoja. This is a brief survey on how Christianity was brought to Nigeria. Its progress was tremendous. By the end of the world war fifteen Europeans and Americans envangerlic groups were operating in the southern province and the middle belt of Nigeria. More than 600 Europeans missionaries, assisted by nearly 5000 Nigerians; had establish close to 3000 churches, Christendom claimed more than 800,000 communities” at this junction it will be unwise if we don’t acknowledge the life of two most notable missionaries to whom Nigerians owns much of her early envangelisation. They are Bishop Ajayi Samuel Crowther of the C.M.S. and Bishop Joseph shanahan of the Roman Catholic mission.

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