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Independent of sierra leon
Sierra Leone


It was in sierra leone that the first successful Christianity missionary enterprise in west Africa in the nineteenth century began. The missionaries extended their activities to other parts of sierra leone and other parts of west Africa as the ex-slave spread outside sierra leone. At first the missionaries concerned themselves with ministering to the needs of the ex-slaves in and around Freetown. The first missionary movement move in sierra leone began in 1792 by Reverend merville Home, an Anglican priest. he was sent to sierra leone to do three things: be a chaplain to the Europeans traders, cater for the needs of the ex-slaves, and be a missionary to the indigenous population. Reverend Home In no distance time he get to realize that he cannot perform all the duties giving to him correctly in sierra leone. Reverend Home in England was one of the committed persons that work tirelessly for the progress, and foundation of the C.M.S. founded in 1799 in sierra leone. Christian evangelical arm of the angelical church. The arm of the C.M.S. its to convert Africans to Christians. Three noble men, men were sent to Africa Reverend Home, John Gregg and James Rodway. Three years after the Baptist missionary society in 1795 sent to missionarize to sierra leone Rodway was frequently ill and could, therefore, do little. Gregg was interested in matters outside his missionary brief like disputes, especially those arising from trade. Beside, he was spending his time almost stolen in Freetown, rarely going to the rural areas were he was supposed to concentrate his attention. The Governor of sierra leone ordered Gregg confirm himself to his post and his missionary assignment or return to England. Eventually, on the later course, Gregg decided terminating the activities of the Baptist at the time in sierra leone. In 1804 with the arrival of two missionaries of the C.M.S. the next round of Christianity activity in sierra leone began. The two were Melchoir Renner and Peter Hartwig, both Germans no Englishman offer himself for work in sierra leone. Not too long the missionary inland move away from Freetown. A strong man was developed base for Christianity activities Rio Pongans. In England a teaching school was establish there was a little preaching; but a school for children. The adults were taught new farming techniques. Much had to be done to assist in the rehabilitation of the former slaves in the village around Freetown. Many missionaries take part in this work, but specially notice most be taken of what was don in the village called Regent. Here the church missionary society began work in 1805.

By 1817, there was two thousand librated slave in Regent. Johnson started a school an also acted as the Governor representative in the village. he work hard to weld the ex-slaves into a community. He Govern and take charge of distributing, supplying of foods and clothes to the community. About one thousand and seventy-nine of the people of Regent were being instructed about the Christian region in 1823.

In 1850, three African were ordained into the ministry of Anglican church (the C.M.S.) the three African noble men including Bishop Ayayi Crowther, a freed slave of Yoruba origin who was ordained a deacon in 1843.the first diocese of west Africa of Anglican church of England was establish in Sierra leon in 1852. Sierra leon the vast majority of the Anglican christened church were mostly krios in 1860. in that year, the C.M.S. council a member native Church giving the council charge of all the activity of the church without no European body. the Anglican church was not the only church in sierra leone other churches were feature. There was the Wesleyan Methodist missionary society which started work in sierra leone in 1811, there was a group of four-one minister and three school teachers-to the country. Not long minister warren, and one other teacher died. The remaining carry out the work until new set of missionaries arrived in 1815. along the line the health of one of the ministers broke down, and he was returned to England in 1818. truly the Methodist begging missionary in sierra leone the place was full of illness and death. Another challenges faces by the Methodist was the part of their congregation contained of a mixe cook giving to the slaves.

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