Christian Base was design and package in 2016 by ETOZATAZIBA I.M. OMIEWORIO. we stand tall and ready whom were scrambling with other social media to ensure that we bring you the beginning of Christianity in Nigeria and Africa.

this website is design to help you to handle some of your Christian doubt instead of allowing them to way you down, make you worried and fearful. with this website, the obstacle you face consigning Christian doubt will always be obstacle to overcome.

we suggest that, in other to fully experience the power of the knowledge contained in this website, we recommend to you to use it completely from the beginning to the end and also memorize the Bible verse.

begging to put the accompanying passion into action and step into practice and the must difficult things will begging to happen as you beginning to suggest those inspirational ideas into your routine, you will begging to look at Christian doubt and their solution, creative and positive. remember for you to overcome anything your thoughts must be positive and creative.

note that Christian base is a social Network that is designed to educate you and shaping you into Christian knowledge. our arm is to live in enlightening you Christian life and also to bring you the good news of Christ.

life without Christ is like without knowing, is like working without pay this is why we volunteer to make you familiar with the word of God in Nigeria and Africa.            


Born on 22nd, April, 1989

Omieworio Etozataziba Ibuku Messiah who is popularly know as Cb was born in 1989, April 22nd into the family of mr, and mrs Ibuku omieworio in the Village of order depakote, order clomid. Ologoghe koortslipcreme aciclovir to buy in u.s.. , Obia L.G.A, Bayels state.

Cb the last born of his parents went to state school 2 Ologoghe in 1984/2000 he later forward to community comprehensive secondary school Ologoghe in 2000/2006 he was first a wayward person not until 2012 when i came a cross a lady in then days know to be Ebi popularly as pastor mrs. Ebi in a computer class lecture at future leaders School international she just  like a friend, sister and aunty happened to had value to my life which I cant forget in a hurry she help to turn my life from nobody to somebody.

it is say that this change in my life was brought about a lady, because of my great friendlily love in her, turn me to be a responsible person in the process of our friendship I became a professional and renowned Christian and website designer. I then began of dreaming of building an empire out of the knowledge i had in the few places i have work

Campaign of Conquest.

i began my career of conquest in 2015 when i defeated the thought of being a politicians. in 2016 i succeed in capturing the internet now i am extending my career toward, around Nigeria and the laboring country of Africa.