This platform Christian Base is design to help you to handle some of your Christian doubt instead of allowing them to way you down, make you worried and fearful. with this website, the obstacle you face consigning Christian doubt will always be obstacle to overcome. The purpose of this platform is to challenge and expose you on how to accomplish your Christian life. our must gratitude of desire is to give out how to discover, how to gain power through Christian knowledge through concentration and courage. it's our must concern to see you realizing your potentials and awaken the dying part of your life that lies deep within you, and to provoke the power of knowledge of Christianity that is silently dying and screaming in you for unveiling.  We suggest that, in other to fully experience the power of the knowledge contained in this website, we recommend to you to use it completely from the beginning to the end and also memorize the Bible verse.begging to put the accompanying passion into action and step into practice like the heroes and heroines of Christianity in Nigeria and the must difficult things will begging to happen as you beginning to suggest those inspirational ideas into your routine, you will begging to look at Christian doubt and their solution, creative and positive. remember for you to overcome anything your thoughts must be positive and creative.note that Christian base is a social Network that is designed to educate you and shaping you into Christian knowledge. our arm is to live in enlightening you Christian life and also to bring you the good news of without Christ is like dying without knowing, is like working without pay this is why we volunteer to make you familiar with the word of God in Nigeria and Africa.
Christian Base was founded in 2016 
Christian Base was design and package in 2016 by ETOZATAZIBA I.M. OMIEWORIO. Christain Base stand tall and ready whom were scrambling with other social media to ensure that we bring you the beginning of Christianity in Nigeria and Africa. Christian Base international was Form and founded in 2016 in Bayelsa State Nigeria by Etozataziba I.M. Omieworio. since then we are been around working tirelessly to improve our ambitions, and impress your desires and to achieve our goals and our objectives. we are into the looks and corners of the globs not by  our making but by the help of God and you all that are patronizing us, without  you their is going to be no ChristianBase. we appreciate your patronize and support. We are into bringing you the Gospel not because of the fame neither the interest of making money but we want to make you to understand who you are in terms of Christianity and religion presentation and good life. we are unlimited also we are not stagnant we are growing step by steps. always be your best. life is sweet and good when your expectations, dreams and your heart desires are materializing. today we stand tall and buoyant to tell you very very majestically that we are not in competition but we are responsible in bringing you the Gospel. Born on the 22th of April 1989 in Ologoghe Community. i attended state school 11 Ologoghe in 1984/2000 were i had his first leaving school Certificate he went further to attend community comprehensive secondary school Ologoghe in 2000/2006 were i had Eight credit in the National Examination Council Organization (NECO). today am describe has one of the successful one among my mat Etozataziba is describe as a young visionaries and a potential and ambitious person. Etozataziba work with his friends with the dream of being a CEO one day and today that dream is actualize, today am describe as a man of integrity, passion, committed and transparent and God fearing. in then days my friends use to call me CB little did i no that, one day i will grow up to bear the full name CB. in then days my friends use to no me as a troublesome, wayward and unserious Human been along the ling one day i came encounter with a lady of person of Mrs. Ebi who is today Generally know to be a Pastor who had 70% value to my life help me to no the different b/w Christian and Pagan she contributed positively to my life morally and cyclonically.