Amy Carmichael

The faith commitments of three young women born between 1840 and 1867, each in December, eventually led to the transformation of thousands of lives in China, Africa, and India.Amy Carmichael (Born DECEMBER 16, 1867)

An entire generation became indebted to Amy’s efforts to rescue their bodies and souls.

Amy first shared her faith among factory workers in Ireland. She held Bible studies for the female workers known as “shawlies.” It was so successful, a building had be built to accommodate them.

She arrived in India in 1895. Members of India’s lowest cast became Amy’s first converts. From 1901 on, she rescued girls from lives of temple prostitution. That number eventually surpassed 1,000 young individuals.

Amy’s prolific writing led to the publication of 40 books. Her accounts of the mission field, often taken from her journal, didn’t sugar-coat the work. Along with miraculous victories, Amy painted the harsh realities of daily missionary service. Her frankness opened the eyes of many who were too often spared the details.

Her death in 1951 marked the conclusion of 56 years of making a difference in India.

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