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The Aladura

Aladura is a classification of churches that abide by a Christian religious denomination or trend inspired by activities of progressive church elements, J.B Sadare, D.O. Odubanjo, I.O Sanya and others in 1918. There are over 3 million adherents worldwide. “Aladura” means “praying people” in Yoruba. Aladura churches emphasize the power in praying and believe in faith healing and various ….  Read More

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Christian Association of Nigeria – CAN

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) is an umbrella organisation containing numerous Christian denominations in Nigeria. History The Christian Association of Nigeria was founded in 1976, and originally only contained the Catholic Church and mainline Protestant groups. However, it later expanded to include Pentecostal churches as well. In 2000, the CAN protested the adoption of Sharia law in northern states. ….  Read More

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